Weekly Motivation #2

Hi loves!

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday!

While I am still trying to figure out a posting schedule that works for me, right now I am shooting for Tuesday/Thursday! It’s so crazy to me that JULY is almost here! Not only does that mean Fourth of July festivities but also the crazy California heat waves and my 20th birthday *July 8* !!!

Here’s a little weekly inspiration for you all!


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What are your plans for this 4th of July weekend?!?



Weekly Motivation #1

Hi loves!

Hope you all had a great weekend & Happy Summer Solstice! Now that I am nearing the end of my three weeks here in Michigan, I am so excited to finally get on a regular posting schedule! I’ll be posting recaps from the trip in the coming days so be sure to be on the lookout! Whether you are still in school, starting summer classes or a summer internship or working, here’s some inspiration for the week ahead!



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Hope you all have an incredible week & Happy First day of Summer!



Summer Plans & Goals

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Hi Loves!

Last summer, when I started this blog, I was 100% committed and so excited to find another creative outlet for myself and then the real world hit and while I tried to maintain the blog throughout the school year, that didn’t exactly happen. Now that I am finally done with classes and sorority events, I am so excited to not only get back into the flow of blogging but also start my internship and traveling!


Day Trips

One of my biggest goals this summer is to take day trips in and around San Diego, Orange County, and LA… There’s so many places to see that I have not seen and I’m so excited for a bunch of random day trips! I’m hoping to post a a SoCal travel guide by the end of the summer!


a.k.a. wedding #1. My older cousin is getting married in two weeks so my mom decided to make her wedding our yearly family vacation. My mom, grandma, and I are leaving for Michigan on Friday and I’m so excited for what the next couple weeks have in store!

San Francisco

Probably one of my favorite places on earth, I’m hoping to make a weekend trip sometime in July to visit my cousin and see some of my favorite spots!

Santa Barbara

a.k.a.wedding #2. My other older cousin is getting married in August so we are having a family reunion type event the weekend of! It’s going to be one of the first times my entire family is going to be together for the first time in 2-3 years and for Persian-Americans… that’s a LONG time.


Posting Consistently 

I have learned that this one is definitely easier said than done, but I think if I develop a schedule during the summer, it will be easier to commit to when school starts again.

Scheduling Blog Posts

I’ve been super back and forth with posting and figuring out a schedule that works is something that I’ve struggled with. Posting whenever seems like a good idea at times but it’s really not working for me anymore and I want to post consistently and quality content for all of you and it’s something I am really working on right now.



This summer I have the incredible opportunity of being a PR Account Intern for Melrose Public Relations. If there are any Shark Tank/Beyond the Tank fans out there, Kelley Coughlin is the owner of Melrose and also owns the incredible company, purse case!

I’m so excited for everything happening this summer! What are your plans for the summer?

p.s. posting this week will be a little crazy due to my cousins wedding but I’m doing my best to get my scheduled posts out!



Memorial Weekend Sales

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Hi Loves!

Happy Friday! The first week of summer break is already over and it’s been such a great time! I’m planning on doing a recap next week of everything that’s been happening before my trip to Michigan! I’m in some serious need of retail therapy so I’m so excited for all the Memorial Day sales this weekend! I’ve included some of my favorite sales below!

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What are everyone’s plans for the weekend?
Happy Shopping!

Netflix Favorites

Hi loves! 

It’s still so crazy to me that sophomore year is over and I’m finally back at home. It feel s like just yesterday that my roommates and I were coming back from late nights and eating Krispy Kreme donuts (put htem in the microwave for 8 seconds and they melt in your mouth). As many of you know the past 4-5 months have been absolutely insane, and yes I have taken a step back from blogging just to enjoy life, but the fact that I’m finally back feels absolutely amazing. I’m not going to lie, I’ve spent a majority of late nights when I wasn’t studying or out with friends, laying in bed watching different shows and movies. Today’s post is about some of my favorite T.V. shows and movies.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.46.57 PM

T.V. Shows

Grey’s Anatomy

So the summer before freshman year, I started watching Greys & by that I mean I binge watched the first 8 season in about 3 weeks. My best friend and I call ourselves Christina and Meredith, I only use my Grey’s coffee mug, and I quote characters on the daily. It’s safe to say, I’m obsessed.

Madam Secretary

I just got into this after hearing my mom constantly talk about it and it’s safe to say, I’m already hooked!

Gilmore Girls

This is the one show that I have probably seen at least 4-5 times through. It’s what I watch when I’m crafting or just need some thing in the background, but regardless, I love the relationship between Lorelei and Rory. If you are in need of some laughs, tears, and a coffee addiction, definitely start ASAP.

White Collar

I have a thing for cop shows and White Collar is just another one that I’m obsessed with. Plus Neal Caffrey is just gorgeous.


Bridget Jones Diary

It’s an English romantic comedy/drama and it’s actually hysterical.

Italian Job

Back to the action movies/cop shows, this was the first action movie I had ever seen and I’m still hooked on it (aka I watch it at least twice a month).

Legally Blonde 1&2

Elle Woods is one of my biggest inspirations from being in a sorority to Havard Law is basically my life plan right now and I love her determination and focus throughout it all.

Mean Girls

I know every line of this movie, backwards and forwards.

Now, I can’t wait to hear what all of you are watching and I’m desperately in need of some new recommendations! Happy Binge Watching!



Wednesday Wants: Summer Reading

Hi loves!

Happy Wednesday! It’s crazy to me that he first week of summer is almost over. This week, I started my PR internship at Melrose PR, started and finished painting my room, and I’m finally getting back to my one true love, reading! One of my New Year’s resolutions is to read more and one of my biggest goals this summer is to read more.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.49.59 PM

I’m currently reading The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan and I absolutely love it! I’m the kind of person that could just spend hours walking around Barnes & Noble looking for books to read and that’s probably what I’m going to end up doing Thursday after work! My parents and I have a couple of summer trips planned this summer (Michigan next week!), plus I’ll be spending a lot of time at the beach and visiting friends in SF/Seattle so I’m going to have lots of time for reading! Here are some of the books I’m hoping to read this summer but I’m seriously always open to suggestions so comment away!

What’s on your summer reading list?



Woahh We’re Halfway There… (To Graduation)

Hi Loves! 

To start this post off, I’m so sorry for the delayed absence and I’m so excited to finally get back to blogging! I’m so happy sophomore year is finally over and I’m so excited for everything to come this summer (internships, room remodel, weddings, and more)!


Sophomore year has been an absolute whirlwind… from formal recruitment and taking a little in the fall, to being named Tri Delta’s Risk Management Chair in November, to the ups and downs of being a business major, to finding a summer internship, living with 6 roommates and just adulting in general. So finally… Here’s a quick recap of all that has happened this past school year!

  1. Living with 5+ girls & adulting. 13029645_1019032044816955_8055362231851206979_o

Wow just wow is a basic description of what we like to call “The Coven”. This past year, I was blessed to live in an off campus house that’s a. super close to campus b. allows me to live with my absolute best friends. While living in the Coven has been extremely challenging at times, it’s been 150% worth it & I’m so excited for all the memories to come these next 1-2 years with my best friends!

2. Risky Business + Tri Delta

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Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


The 2015-2016 school year in Tri Delta was truly one I will never forget. In November, I was named Epsilon Nu’s risk management chair! Being risk has taught me so many things and I’m so excited for all the “risky business” to come! With sorority also comes philanthropy and our chapter is on the quest to becoming the top fundraising Tri Delta chapter in SoCal for the second year in a row!

3. The sophomore slump


The sophomore slump was real… so painfully real. My motivation was slacking throughout the year and I definitely regret not being more motivated at the beginning of each semester. Other than the sophomore slump, my Chapman experience has truly changed for the best this year and I already can’t wait to go back to Chapman in the fall!

Comment below with your summer plans and/or how your school year went!

Love, Saba