The Best Podcasts for the Inner #GirlBoss in You

Hi loves!

So I am super super late to the podcast game, but I’m sure I’m not the only one? There are seriously thousands of podcasts out there on everything from News/Politics, Mystery/Thriller, Autobiography, How-To, Self-Help, Fashion and more! Personally, I’ve been really drawn to influencers, fashion, self-help, social media/marketing, and blogging podcasts. Today, I’ve decided to share some of my fav #GirlBoss motivational/inspirational podcasts with you!  

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Girlboss Radio by Sophia Amorosso

The O.G. Girlboss herself, Sophia Amorosso who launched her NYT bestselling book #GIRLBOSS has now launched her very own podcast. In each episode of Girlboss Radio Sophia interviews a wide variety of different girlbosses from all industries and walks of life each of whom give their own insight into their life and expreinces. If you are lost in a sea of podcasts and don’t know here to start, this is the perfect podcast for you! 

Women, Work, and Worth by Mavenly + Co

Over the years, Mavenly and Co has become one of my favorite website for everything #GirlBoss and when I heard the founders had a podcast, I just knew I had to listen!  Women, Work, and Worth was started by the creaters of Mavenly and Co. This podcast covers everything from self-discover, budgeting for your own financial freedom, meditation and everything in between. It’s quickly become one of my favorite Girl Boss podcasts with it’s overflow of life advice from the Mavenly and Co’s creaters and special guests such as authors, entrepreneurs and even doctors!

Lady Lovin’ by Lo Bosworth, Jilly Hendrix, and Greta Stanley

THIS IS MY FAVORITE PODCAST OF ALL TIME. Okay I’m not kididng though, anything with Lo Bosworth I automatically love. While it may not be the typical blogging/side hustle/creative podcast, this is perfect for all things female empowerment. The girls tackle everything from relationships and sex to businesses and startups and have some pretty incredible guests including entrepreneus, comedians, and activists. I can’t recommend Lady Lovin’ enough, seriously, grab your phone/computer and listen while you are driving, doing homework, or writing your latest blog post. 

 Make it Happen by Jen Carrington

Jen Carrington’s Make It Happen is “a podcast for curious, big-hearted, purpose-driven creatives”. When I first saw the tagline, I just knew that I had to listen to this podcast and it didn’t disappint! Jen talks about a wide range of subject matters that are so relateble to everyone. If you are looking for some inspirational conversations about soul-seraching and finding your purpose be sure to listen to Make It Happen right now! 

Millenial by Megan Tan

I just stumbled up this podcast this week and I’m already hooked! Megan Tan discussed what it’s like to be a milennial in this ever changing society we live in. Millennial discusses everything you need to know to navitage your 20s and has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts to listen to! I 10/10 recommend Millennial for any recent or soon-to-be college grads! 

Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield

If you are interested in the Marketing, PR, Digital Marketing industries like I am, this is the perfect podcast for you! Amy Porterfield provides tips and tricks on everything digital and social media marketing including online courses, social media, and cotent creation. Online Marketing Made Easy is the perfect podcast for the inspiring marketing professional or blogger! I just started listening to this podcasts while driving to LA/SD and I’ve learned everything about developing the perfect social media campaign! 

The Lively Show by Jess Lively 

The Lively Show is one of the first podcasts I’ve ever listened to and to this day it’s still one of my faovirtes. Jess Lively is such an inspirational women and she shares her philosophy and life antidotes both on her blog and podcast which touches on all aspects of life. 

Whenever you need a little motivation or just want to bring out your inner #GirlBoss and want to conquer whatever life is throwing at you, be sure to check out any of these podcasts! I’m always on the search for more podcasts so be sure to leave a comment below with some of your favorite podcasts! 








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