How to be the best intern this summer

Hi loves!

Depending on your major or chosen career choice, internships have become a necessity for many college students. I’m the kind of person who learns best when actually doing something and gaining hands-on experience. For many careers, such as PR/Marketing/Social Media, your internship experience is far more important that anything you have ever learned in the classroom.

I’ve been fortunate enough to intern for 2 different public relations agencies in 3 different industries over the past year and I’m so excited to share some tips for those of you who are starting, or have just started your summer internship! Here are some tips on being the best intern possible!

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Arrive Early & Leave Late

You should try and be at your desk before your boss arrives to be office, already working on your daily projects. In the case that you come in an hour or two after the rest of the staff like I do, try and get in half an hour before the time you are supposed to start. You want to show that you are a hard worker and willing to prove it. Don’t just take a long lunch break or leave when all your work is done, get ahead on the week’s work or ask the rest of the interns or staff if they need help with any projects.

Dress the Part

You’ve probably heard this time and time again but its so important. Depending on what the company’s dress code is, it’s so important to dress for the position you want. Even if your company allows you to wear sweats / more casual, try to dress a little more professional and put together (let’s say jeans and a cute top). This will not only show that you are dedicated and care about the company and those that work there but also have respect for everyone working at the company and are ready for meetings/coffee dates / whatever is thrown at you.

Takes Notes on EVERYTHING

But actually, bring the cutest notebook you have and get writing. Whether it’s everything from logins (because you will forget once you sit at your desk), how to complete a task, meetings, make sure to take notes! I took notes everyday at my internship last summer on everything from how to write a press release to what my daily tasks were and looking back at it now this was the best thing I could’ve done for myself!

Ask Questions

Whether it’s about your daily projects or to see what your supervisors / other employees are working on and if they need help, it is so important to ask questions! You really never know what exciting project or opportunity can come out of it! One thing that I have tried to do with every internship I’ve had is to try and grab coffee or lunch with my supervisors / Account Coordinators and Account Executives / the CEO / other interns just to hear their experiences, learn more about the industry and make new friends and connections!

Most importantly: be sure to have a great time and learn as much as possible! Yes the internship search and internships in general may be stress and overall tedious but trust me it is worth it! What are some of your tips for having the best internship yet?!?




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