Life Update ~ Summer Recap

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Hi loves!

This summer has been such a roller coast ride, between the weddings, traveling, funerals, and an internship. I’ve definitely felt pretty uninspired the past couple weeks but now with junior year right around the corner (eek how is that happening!), I’m finally back in the writing / blogging mode and while it’s going to take me a couple weeks to get on an actual schedule I’m so excited to finally be back! Here’s a little recap of the past month of my summer vacation, hope you enjoy!

My trip to D.C. last month was probably one of the most eye opening & incredible experiences! Sponsored by the Iranian American Women’s Foundation, we were able to visit some D.C. sites that wouldn’t normally be seen if it wasn’t for this trip. My favorite part was by far visiting the State Department! Being a political science minor & slightly huge HRC supporter (#ImWithHer) it was a HUGE deal to not only be in the State Department but also I learned that D.C. is my #1 place to move post-grad (GW grad school… fingers crossed!).


Back in California, my older cousin Neda got married to her incredible boyfriend of 10 years, Matt. It’s safe to say their wedding was single handedly the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to! My internship at Melrose PR is finally coming to an end and while I am truly so thankful for the experience to intern at such an incredible company! I’ve already accepted an internship for next semester and I’m so excited to begin!


I’m planning on starting my Back to School series next week so if there is anything you want to see, let me know!




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