Nordstrom Anniversery Sale!!!

Hi loves!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week so far!

Today’s post is all about my favorite sale of the year: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of my favorite days of the years… after Christmas of course! I’m sure you’ve all probably heard about the sale by now but if you aren’t familiar with the NSale, it is the perfect time to get some of your favorites and NEW items at a discount. Today, I’ve included all the important information needed for the NSale and some of my tips and tricks!

Important Dates

Early Access ( for Nordstrom Cardholders)  begins this THURSDAY JULY 14! The Sale begins on July 22 for everyone! Sadly, the final day of the sale is August 7 but make sure to get online or to your nearest Nordstrom ASAP as many of the most popular items sell out fast (or if you are like me and buy my favorites in multiple colors)!

Early Access & how you can be apart of it

In order to gain access to the sale a week in advance, you must be a Nordstrom Cardholder… Although this isn’t the best part of the sale, gaining points and early access is definitely worth it! My mom has been a cardholder since the beginning and she says its one of the best decision she’s made!

Make a list of what you need/want

Start off by making a list of what you want/need before you go into the sale (for me… booties, riding boots, jeans, etc.) You never know what unexpected surprised you are able to find, last year i found an LBD and an adorable flannel!

Some of the products to keep an eye out for:

Boots / Booties

everyday tops

blanket scarfs




beauty items

Narrow Down Your Search

Be sure to narrow your search before the sale… looking through the Nordstrom’s website is a lot to handle but it will help you find what you are looking for before it sells out (Searching for the specific item/color is a big time saver)!

Some items that I am looking for this NSale:


Riding Boots

Everyday tops and cardigans


a Gold/Rose Gold watch


 Clarisonic cleansers

  • * something I’ve learned the past couple years is to make investment purchases ~ I’ve saved up and purchased Michael Kors Riding Boots & a Kate Spade Watch ~ and it’s something I definitely want to continue doing with the money I’ve been saving up *

If there are any other Tips/Tricks I should know about please comment below! Be sure to check the new post of Friday/Monday for my wants this NSale! What are you hoping to buy during the sale?!?




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