Summer Plans & Goals

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Hi Loves!

Last summer, when I started this blog, I was 100% committed and so excited to find another creative outlet for myself and then the real world hit and while I tried to maintain the blog throughout the school year, that didn’t exactly happen. Now that I am finally done with classes and sorority events, I am so excited to not only get back into the flow of blogging but also start my internship and traveling!


Day Trips

One of my biggest goals this summer is to take day trips in and around San Diego, Orange County, and LA… There’s so many places to see that I have not seen and I’m so excited for a bunch of random day trips! I’m hoping to post a a SoCal travel guide by the end of the summer!


a.k.a. wedding #1. My older cousin is getting married in two weeks so my mom decided to make her wedding our yearly family vacation. My mom, grandma, and I are leaving for Michigan on Friday and I’m so excited for what the next couple weeks have in store!

San Francisco

Probably one of my favorite places on earth, I’m hoping to make a weekend trip sometime in July to visit my cousin and see some of my favorite spots!

Santa Barbara #2. My other older cousin is getting married in August so we are having a family reunion type event the weekend of! It’s going to be one of the first times my entire family is going to be together for the first time in 2-3 years and for Persian-Americans… that’s a LONG time.


Posting Consistently 

I have learned that this one is definitely easier said than done, but I think if I develop a schedule during the summer, it will be easier to commit to when school starts again.

Scheduling Blog Posts

I’ve been super back and forth with posting and figuring out a schedule that works is something that I’ve struggled with. Posting whenever seems like a good idea at times but it’s really not working for me anymore and I want to post consistently and quality content for all of you and it’s something I am really working on right now.



This summer I have the incredible opportunity of being a PR Account Intern for Melrose Public Relations. If there are any Shark Tank/Beyond the Tank fans out there, Kelley Coughlin is the owner of Melrose and also owns the incredible company, purse case!

I’m so excited for everything happening this summer! What are your plans for the summer?

p.s. posting this week will be a little crazy due to my cousins wedding but I’m doing my best to get my scheduled posts out!




6 thoughts on “Summer Plans & Goals

  1. aitzabriauna says:

    I hope you enjoyed the trip to Michigan and have a great summer internship. I’m working at a boutique consulting firm and the smaller setting allows you to do more.

    Aitza Briauna |


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