The Sophomore Slump

Hi loves!

Just wanted to say how extremely and utterly sorry I am about not posting for the past month and half! It honestly kills me but school, boys, sorority, and life has just gotten in the way and I’m slowly planning on getting back into the swing of things. Today’s post is all about the past two months of school and giving all you incredible human beings a little update on the craziness of my life.

For me freshman year was incredible, yes it had its ups and downs but overall, I made so many new friends, did well in classes, and joined an incredible sisterhood.

Sophomore year has just been a whirlwind of emotions and the fact that we are only 4-5 weeks left to go in the fall semester is absolutely crazy for me. I have barely had time to catch a breath and it has been nonstop go go go since recruitment was over. I can’t wait to finally sit down one day and tell you all about everything that has been going on these past couple months.

Hopefully by Thanksgiving I will have a full roundup about everything up and I can’t wait to finally get my life together and get back to blogging. Thank you all so much for your support and tweets, it honestly means so much.




^psa thanks to my incredible computer for ruining a perfect picture.


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