Fall Semester Goals

Hi loves!

Now that summer classes are finally over, I decided it’s time to share my semester goals with you. The first thing I do every semester is write down my personal and academic goals. In the past I would add my “soccer goals” and now I finally get to add my blogging/social goals! I definitely learned a lot last year and honestly, I wouldn’t change freshman year for anything; but theres definitely A LOT i want/need to change.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 12.41.01 AM

For the rest of the week, I am finally moving my stuff into my house right off campus! It’s definitely been a super stressful past 6 months figuring out a housing situation and the cheapest and easiest result was to get a house with some of my friends! Once we are settled in I’m planning on doing a room tour, if you want a house tour/how we organize things, please let me know! I’m desperately in need of new blog post ideas! Here are my fall semester goals!

Try to wake up early and eat breakfast daily

Blog 3-4 times a week

Declare my minor

Apply for study abroad in London

Join more clubs and organizations

Get an officer position in Tri Delta

Get at least a 3.4… Raise my GPA

Reach 1k monthly viewers on Peonies in the Pacific

Use my planner everyday and stay organized

Find an internship for this/next semester

Exercise 3 times a week

Connect with more bloggers and brands

Don’t procrastinate

Focus more on being genuinely happy & find my true friends

Hopefully I’ll be able to tackle at least half of these goals this semester. What are some of your goals?!? Leave a comment below!




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