Sorority Recruitment Do’s and Don’ts!

No matter where you live or what school you go to, you probably know or have heard of someone who is in a sorority. If you an incoming freshman or just haven’t wanted to join a sorority until now, you are probably counting down the days for recruitment to start. This time last year, I was reading through all the Sorority Sugar and TSM articles while stalking Chapman’s sororities trying to see what house I could picture myself in (More on this later). Today, I decided to share with you some of my do’s and don’ts for sorority recruitment!

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Do: Trust the System

Your GammaChi/RhoGam/PiRho whatever your recruitment counselors are called will tell you this from day one. Recruitment is confusing and nobody understands how the mutual selection process works, its a known fact across college campuses. Even if you get dropped form your top houses, stick through it and see how you click with the other chapters. Thats what I did and I honestly couldn’t be more thankful and grateful to be in such an incredible sorority.

Don’t: Trust GreekRank or campus stereotypes

There are hundreds of rumors going around each campus about each sorority house and 99.999% of them aren’t even true. Trust yourself to determine your own views of each chapter to help you find the place you will call home.

Do: Be yourself

Insert some cheesy quote about being yourself. But seriously, be yourself during recruitment, if you act “fake” to get into a “top tier” house, chances are you eventually won’t be happy and end up dropping. Just be yourself and everyone will love you.

Dont: Don’t do things based off your friends

I’ve already said this once but I can’t stress it enough: go into recruitment with an open mind! Forget about what other people say and do just focus on yourself and what you want. Just because all your friends choose XYZ chapter doesn’t mean you have to join the same one, if you like ZXY better, then join that chapter! My best friend and I are in two completely different chapters, yet through it all we are still friends. This being said, on preference morning, look around the room at the other PNMs with you, could you see yourself being friends with these girls for the next four years? Thats honestly the best piece of advice I was given during recruitment and its by far the most important thing to consider.

Do: Ask Questions

Ask any questions you could think of, not just about the chapter but about the girls you talk to. This will help you get a better idea of the different girls you will soon call your sisters. Just don’t talk about the 4 B’s: booze, boys, bucks, (O)bama. When you are in line with other PNMs make sure to talk to them and see if you click with them, chances are these girls could end up being your sisters and you definitely want to click with them.

Dont: Skip breakfast

This may be a given but seriously don’t skip breakfast or bring some kind of protein bar with you! Recruitment days are LONG, and thats an understatement. Make sure to eat before the day starts and if you allowed to bring a purse or bag with you (we weren’t) put some protein bars or Cheez-Its in the bag, you never know how the food provided will be.

Do: Get excited

Whether you go to a huge school with 20 houses or a small school with only 6, get ready for the greatest experience of your life. Its a whirlwind of emotions but once the week or weekend is over you will get to call one chapter home!

I’m so excited for all the new PNMs to go through recruitment this year (#littleseason )! It’s my first year as an active so I remember all the emotions of recruitment like it was yesterday! Good Luck!

Love, Saba


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