How I edit my Instagram photos

These days it seems like everyone is trying to put together the perfect Instagram theme or aesthetic. Whether you focus on one color or a general theme i.e. bright, dark, gloomy, almost everyone has a general theme for their Instas. I decided to share with you how I edit my Instagram photos.

My top three apps for editing my apps are Snapseed, VSCOCam, and InstaSize in that order.

IMG_0073 copy

I start off with Snapseed, bumping Brightness to about 60-70 and Ambiance to 60.

IMG_0022 copy

From there I head to VSCOCam where I apply the C3 filter to about 3 or 4. I then decrease exposure by 1 and increase contrast to 1 and increase temperature by 1. I generally have a 1:1 crop ratio so all my pictures look the same.

IMG_0026 copy IMG_0029 copy 2

From VSCOCam I go to InstaSize where I make all my pictures have the same sized white border.

 IMG_0077What are your favorite apps for editing Instagram photos?

Love, Saba


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