3 years later… Finally!

Hi everyone! My name is Saba! I’m so excited to finally be writing my first blog post! I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog for sometime now but I’m so excited to finally get started! After religiously reading some of my favorite blogs for the past 3 years, I have finally decided to take the leap of faith and start my own! I thought I’d start out with a few facts so you can get to know me better!

1. I was born and raised in Orange County CA.
2. I played soccer for 14 years and am a huge supporter of the USWNT (you’ll definitely hear about them later on).
3. I’m Persian and come from a HUGE family, yet I’m an only child.
4. I’m a huge organization nerd except when it comes to my closet/clothes.
5. I’m a proud member of Delta Delta Delta sorority.
6. I would have an insanely hectic and busy schedule then doing absolutely nothing.
7. I’m probably the clumsiest person you’ve ever met, I’m constantly hitting the side of the counter daily.
8. I have a huge travel addiction and would just be constantly traveling the world if I could.
9. I’m a business administration major with an emphasis in management and marketing and a double minor in political science and law, justice, and social control.
10. I’m planning/dreaming on moving to New York or Boston basically the second I graduate from Chapman!

Love, Saba


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